1:20 Scale
34" long, 11" tall
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks
for delivery!
Buildup by Martin Garratt (UK)
Apatosaurus excelsus
Free Domestic
Apatosaurus is the classic sauropod
dinosaur, oft depicted wallowing in a
marsh or clumsily lumbering about.  
These animals were certainly large,
but they were also powerfully built.  
Therefore, I think that they were
strong, powerful animals that even the
largest of predators would have been
wary around.  I envision
to be somewhat akin to the elephants
of the African savanna, large and in
charge.  If they don't like something,
and it doesn't get out of their way,
they run it over!  This
Apatosaurus is
charging toward an unseen group of
allosaurs, just because it can!
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