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Aves® Products
Apoxie® Sculpt offers economy as well as performance. This 2-part
product has a putty-like, smooth consistency, and is easy to mix & use. It is
safe and waterproof with 0% shrinkage /cracking! Working time is 2-3 hrs.
Cures hard in 24 hrs., and has a semi-gloss finish. Adheres to plastic, resin
kits, wood, metal, ceramic, glass, polymers, foam, fiberglass, & more! Can be
seamlessly feathered before set-up, or sanded, tapped, drilled, carved,
lathed, or otherwise tooled after set-up, without chipping, cracking or
flaking! Save time & money on finishing jobs by using Apoxie® Sculpt colors.
Simple water clean-up or use Aves® Safety Solvent. Endless uses for artists,
crafters, restorers, modelers, students, and more! Great for creating 3-D
graphics and outdoor projects!     Conforms to ASTM D4236
Apoxie® Clay is a 2-part, self-hardening synthetic clay that combines the
features and benefits of sculpting clay with those of epoxies. This product
offers enhanced detail properties, plasticity, accuracy and handling features
that make this clay very user friendly. Apoxie® Clay offers superior
modeling, impressions and detail finishing, with a flat clay-like texture.
Working time is 2-3 hours, curing to a hard, waterproof finish in 24 hours.
0% shrinkage and 0% cracking! Adheres to clean surfaces: porcelain,
ceramic, vinyl kits, polymers, foam, fiberglass, wood, some plastics, and
more! Can be seamlessly feathered before set-up with a paint brush and the
use of Aves® Safety Solvent for fine details; use water for smoothing surface
areas of your project. After set-up it can be sanded, tapped, drilled, carved,
lathed, or otherwise tooled, without chipping, cracking or flaking. Can be
painted or stained wet or dry. Simple water clean-up or use Aves® Safety
Solvent.      Conforms to ASTM D4236
Repair and Sculpt on a new, exciting level! FIXIT® Sculpt is great for
many uses that require all of the features and benefits of our traditional
FIXIT® plus offers exceptional sculpting qualities. It has a firm clay-like feel
that resists sagging and drooping; holds detail & impressions. Generous 4
hour working time. Flat matte finish, accepts paints and stains. Great for
intricate sculpting work, antler & bone art, more! Simple water clean-up or
use Apoxie® Safety Solvent. Whats in Your Tool Box?!
Conforms to ASTM D4236
Available in canvas color
Aves® Safety Solvent is recommended for tooling, smoothing, aiding in
achieving a seamless feather, texturing, and quickly cleaning Aves®
and FIXIT® products, and other epoxies, from tools, brushes and surfaces
before set-up. Also removes many other sticky substances. This clear liquid
is a must have companion for our line of 2-part clays. Water clean-up! D.O.T.
certified non-hazardous for shipping. A safe alternative for acetone & other
commonly used toxic solvents. This is the least flammable, most effective
safety solvent on the market.     Conforms to ASTM D4236
RaderStudios forthcoming Columbian
mammoth sculpted in Aves
and Apoxie® Clay.
 Self- hardening clays and putties are valuable assets to any sculptor
or modeler.  I have experimented with several varieties from several
brands, and I can say with confidence that the products produced by
Aves® Studio are second to none.  They offer products that feature a
variety of working times and consistencies.  The detail retention that
Aves® products offer is what finally tempted me away from the
polymer clays that I used previously.  Simply put, switching to Aves®
has allowed me to produce higher quality work in less time.  For the
purposes of assembling and patching kits, Aves® products are
absolutely what you want.  They adhere to resin plastic exceptionally
well and provide a solid joint for the kit.  If you have further questions
about Aves® products or which product is right for your application,
please see the descriptions from Aves® Studio below, or feel free to
contact me at!