1:20 Scale
18" long, 9" tall
Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for
Photos of the original
sculpture, which was
rendered in Super Sculpey
Buildup by Martin Garratt (UK)
Brachylophosaurus goodwini
 With long legs, a muscular build, and a
stiff, balancing tail, Brachylophosaurus
was build for speed.  It had to be.  With
tyrannosaurs presenting a constant
threat, any herbivore that couldn't
defend itself had to be able to make a
hasty getaway, much like modern
gazelles.  This old bull knows he's fast.  
When he's running, the predators can't
catch him, and that's exactly what his
arrogant trot and sideways glance are
intented to convey to them.  "I'm too fast
for you, find something slower."
Free Domestic
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