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Hawley Paleo- Art
Russell Hawley is a fantastically talented artist who specializes in black-and-white two dimensional
illustration of the prehistoric ecosystems of Wyoming.  His work has been featured prominently  in
Prehistoric Times Magazine, in books, as well as in the Tate Geological Museum in Casper, Wyoming and
in other museums throughout the state of Wyoming.

Joe's Laptop Cafe
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Luis Rey
This is the website of Luis Rey, displaying his fantastic paintings of prehistoric life.
This is the website of Scott Hartman, his art, and his skeletal reconstructions.  Lots of useful information
can be found at this site, along with skeletal drawings of various prehistoric animals and discussions
Velociraptor and sauropods.

Steve Riojas
Steve Riojas is dedicated to building and painting resin model kits, truly bringing life to sculptures.

The Tate Geological Museum
The Tate Geological Museum is located on the campus of Casper College in Casper, Wyoming.  Their
displays feature fossils from the rich paleontological history of Wyoming, including mammals from the
White River Formation and Dee, the Columbian Mammoth.

The Wyoming Dinosaur Center
Here is the official website of the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, including museum displays, as well as tour
and gift shop information.
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