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Wyoming Dinosaur Center
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Build Up by Steve Riojas
Supersaurus vivianae
1:20 Scale
52" long, 12" tall
Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for
 "Jimbo" was found in the hills near
Douglas, Wyoming.  His remains are
housed at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center
in Thermopolis, Wyoming, where
research into the life of this giant
sauropod is being conducted.  
Supersaurus was certainly one of the
largest land animals that ever walked,
and has never before been
reconstructed.  This model is based upon
the most recent and up to date
information that the science of
paleontology can provide, and is the only
commercial reconstruction of
Supersaurus that has ever been done.  

 It is a distinct pleasure to introduce
Jimbo, the largest dinosaur ever found in
the state of Wyoming restored here at
one twentieth scale!  This piece is an
impressive five feet long, and a foot tall
at the height of its back.  No base is
provided, but the sculpture stands on its
own four feet!
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