Tyrannosaurus rex
1:20 Scale
20" long, 8" tall
Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for
Free Domestic
 "Stan" the T. rex was discovered in the
badlands of South Dakota.  It was
excavated and prepared by the
paleontologists at the Black Hills
Institute of Geologic Research.  Stan is
one of the most complete skeletons
known of the giant predator.  This model
is a scientifically accurate reconstruction
of this specific
Tyrannosaurus,  not just
another generic
T. rex.  Many hours
were spent researching this piece.  
Measurements were taken of each and
every bone in his body, and the skin
texture is based upon actual preserved
bits of skin found associated with
T. rex specimen.  The feather
mane is mostly conjecture, but it's not
too far into the world of fantasy, as
there was a structure that appears to be
a downy feather found with the skin
impressions.   Look for future
companion pieces for this
T. rex!
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